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Item #PPN000

Poupon U Diplomas

You could spend tens of thousands at an Ivy League school and what do you get? A diploma. Whoopee. Well, for ten bucks, you can get a genuine POUPON U diploma.

When ordering a diploma, give us the name of the recipient and the date for the degree in the Special Instructions field during checkout.

Available Degrees:
- M.D. Mustard Doctor, with Highest Honors in Hot Dog Adornment

- J.D. Juris Dufus, with Highest Honors in Sleazy Behavior

- D.D.S. Doctor of Diddley Squat, with Highest Honors in Useless Information

- M.B.A. Master of Bad Attitude, with Highest Honors in Insider Trading

- Ph.D. Philosopher of Dijon, with Highest Honors in Existential Condimentality

- C.P.A. Couch Potato Authority, with Highest Honors in Channel Surfing

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