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Item #PPN999

POUPON U License Plate

The Curator was once able to get personalized license plates that read "POUPON U." He got two - one for the front and one for the back. They are now officially retired. One hangs in the Mustard Museum and the other could be yours. For a donation of $1,000, the Curator will send you that other plate. It is in pristine condition and you will never see another one (Wisconsin Dept of Transportation won't do it again).

Only one is available. First person to "order" it gets it and then it is gone. The National Mustard Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. You may consider this as a donation with the license plate as a thank you gift from the Curator. The entire $1,000 goes to the nonprofit museum to be used for new acquisitions, rent, and also to fund an advertising campaign that will bring even more visitors to America's favorite condiment museum. No charge for shipping (to U.S. addresses only)

IMPORTANT: There is only one to give away as a thank you. If by chance two people order this and we have not gotten this off the website, the first person to order will get it and we will issue a refund to later purchasers.

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