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Must-Have Mustards

Item #MBA800

Staff Favorites Gift Box

We hear it all the time, "what mustards do you recommend?" These are the favorites of our Mustard Adventure Guides.

Mustards Enclosed:
Delicae Gourmet Lavender Wine - delicate floral notes, lovely creaminess
Lowensenf Whole Grain Mustard - old world whole grain for the modern gourmet
Sutter Buttes Whiskey Jalapeno - medium heat Gold Medal Winner
Terrapin Ridge Dill Pickle Mustard - terrific in tuna salad, potato salad, egg salad . .
Vilux Extra Strong Dijon - look for it on cafe tabletops around the world, love it on yours
Wicked Natural Caramel Mustard & Dip - a dipper for apple wedges, celery sticks and pretzels

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