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9 oz


Hillary's "Apply Liberally" Mustard

Vote with your mustard! It's the National Mustard Museum's Presidential Preference Poll and you can cast your vote by buying either this Hillary's Progressive Mustard or the others (see below) Donald Trump's "Make Hot Dogs Great Again" Mustard or the late entry third party mustard voting fort he beloved Curator.We will be tallying the results regularly so you can see the choice of the mustard lovers.

Can you vote more than once by buying more than one mustard? That would mean that money can buy elections so the answer is ... YES! No limit on the number of jars you can buy to vote for your candidate. It's perfectly legal under the Supreme Court's decision in the Condiments United case.

Available in Sweet Hot Stoneground, Champagne Honey, Jalapeno, Smoky Garlic, Honey Dill, Horseradish, and Mesquite Beer. Indicate your preferred flavor(s) in the comments section of your checkout. NO WHINING! Hillary Clinton Mustard. it rocks!

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9 oz



You complained and we listened! We launched our POUPON Plebiscite giving mustard lovers the opportunity to vote for their favorite major party candidate by buying a Hillary "Apply Liberally" Mustard or a Donald "Make Hot Dogs Great Again" Mustard. But you demanded a Third Party Candidate Mustard and here it is - ELECT THE CURATOR.

With hundreds of third party and independent candidates out there, we thought it only fair to let the Museum staff decide which of the many other presidential hopefuls should be our Third Party Mustard and it was unanimous - the Curator! True, the Curator prefaced the vote with "Who wants to get paid this week?" but we know that you will appreciate the choice.

Default flavor is mesquite beer because we know you'd prefer to sit down and have a beer with the Curator over the other two. But in your comments, you can request Champagne Honey, Sweet Hot Stoneground, Jalapeno, Honey Dill, Horseradish, Smokey Garlic, or Chipotle.

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