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9 oz

Item #CHN101

Happy Hanukkah Mustard No. 1

You can't decide: should I get a jar of mustard for Uncle Louie or just a card? Now you can do both with one brilliant gift. It's the Mustard Museum's limited edition Hanukkah mustard. Imagine giving a jar of delicious mustard with the sentiments of the season right on the label. The Hanukkah mustard label contains Mrs. Mustard's famous expression: "Oy gevalt! How can you serve latkes without mustard!"

Currently available flavors for our Hanukkah mustards: Sweet-Hot Stone Ground; Honey Dill; Horseradish; Chipotle, Grainy Beer. (It is possible that we will be out of a particular flavor when you order. If that is the case, we will contact you to choose another flavor.)

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