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Insane Deal of the Week

Insane Deal of the Week

Insane Deal of the Week We like to take our insanity one week at a time. Each week, starting sometime Tuesday morning -- whenever the Curator can get out of bed and over to his computer -- we put something up here for a totally whacko low price. We keep it up for the whole week, or until we run out. If we run out, we'll fill the week with another item with an equally ridiculous low price. And sometimes we put up TWO insane deals.

The lunacy runs out Monday night at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time, because the Curator was born in Massachusetts). So there may not be an insane deal from midnight to about 9 a.m. on Tuesday. Too bad. That's a good time for mustard lovers to catch up on their sleep.

We sometimes put limits on how many you can buy. Why? Because we fear that the Ketchup Kartel will move in and buy up everything we have and simply destroy it. The Ketchup Kartel would engage in that kind of mischief. It's for your own good.

We have tried the rational way of doing business but must report to you that it is highly overrated. Oh, sometimes we have more than one at a time or start one a little early. That is the Curator's prerogative.

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