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Item #RSG100

Grand Champion Mustards

The best of the best of the best.l Every year since 1995 the World-Wide Mustard Competition awards Gold Medals to many mustards but only one is the Grand Champion. This super gift box has eight of them plus the National Mustard Museum's "Cooking with Mustard," a masterful cookbook with recipes and suggestions on how to use them and other mustards.

The mustards hown are Aunty Lilikoi's Passion Wasabi, Keller Black Truffle, Daddy Cook's Exotic Ginger Curry, Edmond Fallot Walnut, Rothschild Raspberry HOney, Boetje's Stone Ground, Sierra Nevada Stout and Stoneground, and Inglehoffer Hot Horseradish. If we are out of a particular mustard, we will substitute a similar award winning mustard of equal or greater value.

This replaces last year's Grand Champion gift Box, FSM100.

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