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2.5 oz

Item #PWF255

Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

No kidding. This is real toothpaste and it tastes like bacon. "Disgusting?" you may ask. Not at all. Regular toothpaste isn't exactly a gourmet treat. Kids love bacon and this will encourage brushing - a good thing. And after brushing, remember to floss - with bacon-flavored floss (below).

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Item #PWF240

Bacon Dental Floss

You've just enjoyed a meal of crispy fried bacon and you've got little pieces of yummy bacon caught in your teeth. You gotta floss. Why not use bacon-flavored waxed dental floss and keep the pleasure rolling. 27.3 yards of floss.

Nine out of ten dentists represent 90% of all dentists in America.

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